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You are an Amazon affiliate and...

... you work with an internation audience (let's say you're a worldwide youtuber).

You always have to post many links to all the different Amazon stores (global, UK, Spanish, Indian etc...) with a different affiliation code (because they differ from store to store) and hope that your audience clicks the right one, otherwise you lose the lead (and the revenues).

Wouldn't it be great to have a single link that does it all automatically?



Store all your Amazon affiliate IDs (one for every Amazon store) in your gamz.li account and manage everything from one place.

Single link

Stop publishing a list of links to all the Amazon store and just type one single, short, simple and easy to generate gamz.li link.

Auto GeoIP

When a visitor clicks your gamz.li link, we recognize where he's from and automagically redirect him to the right Amazon store, obviously with the correct affiliate link.


If the visitor is in a country where there's no Amazon store, then gamz.li will show him a nice splash page, allowing him to choose the store he usually buys from.


Knowing your visitors will allow you to create better content and drive more traffic. Statistics will be available as soon as possible.

Increase revenues

Driving all your visitors to the right Amazon store, with the right affiliate code, will assure you to get all the revenues and to never lose any more leads!


All features will be completely free for everybody until gamz.li will remain in the beta stage!
Prices and production dates will be announces as soon as possible.